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Heidi Wheeler (Trottier)
Admin Separated 2 1988 Mr. Conrad, Mr. Rondina There were so many it's hard to pick just one... There were so many it's hard to pick just one... NH Manchester

I can't believe 25 yrs is right around the corner..  Sheesh...  How can we stop the clock, or at least slow it down??    I am going to try to join the festivities.

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Michelle Roy
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Science Educator Committed Relationship 1988 Mr. Bruce Ford (science) Massachusetts
I have been a science educator for the past eleven years teaching science at the middle level as well as grad level at Lesley University where I am working on my doctorate.

When I am not working I am training at the gym and outdoors for extreme races such as the 2011 Death Race.  I also spend the majority of my time training, traveling and competing in ultras from distances between 50-100 miles.
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Shannon Barry (Siwinski)
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bond trader Married 1 Dean Taranto Beach Party dances! U2-Sweetest Thing New Jersey Montclair
My husband Steve and I live just outside NY city with our daughter, Sarah, who is 18 and heading off to college in the fall.  My family is still in Chelmsford so I do visit regularly.  Send Shannon a MessageSend Shannon a Message
Chad Rogers
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Producer Married 2
I'm a Producer for Activision making video games for the Guitar Hero franchise. I currently live in Clifton Park, NY, with my wife, 4-year old daughter, and 1-year old son.
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Erin McAndrew
Married INXS, Prince (I remember playing them constantly on the tape deck in my dad's giant station wagon) CT Westport
I'm no longer "missing" :)
Looking forward to November!
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Jennifer Jennifer Dobbins (Dobbins)
teacher Single 1988
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Kristin Gunnis (Panniello)
Mom/substitute teacher Married 2 1988 Mr Hazzard, Mrs Queenan way too many.... anything by Bon Jovi MA Dracut
I'll be married for 17 years this September to the love of my life, Scott. 

We have 2 children, Amanda 15 and Jason 12. Both are very active in sports, they keep us busy.

Can't wait for the reunion, it will be fun to see everyone again.

This website is great, excellent job Wendy.



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christine D'Elia (moss)
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HR Consultant Married 2 Changes (David Bowie) CA San Francisco
It was great to come across this website! I'm not sure if I'll make it to the reunion, but I'm so glad to have reconnected through the website. I live in San Francisco with my husband Willett and two boys, Oscar (almost 6) and Theo (15 months.) Send christine a MessageSend christine a Message
Joseph Guilmette
Branch Manager Married 4 1988
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Karen Yetman (Rea)
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Independent Consultant Married 1 1988 Mrs. Silva, Mrs. Donovan My most amusing memory would be the time we drove into 'deep Lowell' to try and buy wine coolers from a 'packy' that would sell to a 17 yr old. Mr. Battle, my history teacher, was working the register and was not exactly obliging... I loved WFNX California Berkeley
Hi everyone,

I've had lots of fun reading through these entries.  Wendy, this site is great.

I moved to San Francisco soon after college, lived there for 12 years and then moved over the bridge to Berkeley where I now live with my husband Mike and our 20 month old daughter Elsie Hope.  It's a great life here in Northern CA and while both our families are still on the east coast, we are pretty strongly rooted here.  I have not been back to Chelmsford for ages...

My husband and I both work in international philanthropy; I consult on a part-time basis.  We have been fortunate to have traveled a bit and have witnessed some of the vast differences in culture and wealth in this world.  It puts a lot into perspective, that's for sure!

We probably won't be able to make it back for the reunion but I'm sure it will be great.

Have fun,
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