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Heidi Ayer (Jeffrey)
Project Manager Married 2 Mr. Christman too many to consider something from U2
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Jill Riley (Bouley)
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Sales Support/SunMicrosystems Inc. Married 2 Mrs. Nordengren & Mr. Doherty
I live in Rowley, MA w/ my husband, Rob (CHS Class of 90) and our two boys:  Drew (6) & Kyle (4 1/2).  We've owned an ice cream stand in Ipswich, MA since 2001 and just recently opened a Sal's Pizza too.  I've been working @ SunMicrosystems since 1994.  Wendy, great job on the site.  It's so great to see what everyone has been up to!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion! Send Jill a MessageSend Jill a Message
Sue Betourney (Patrao)
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Sales/Mom Married 2 Mrs. Nordengren, Mr. Durkin B-bashes, the drive-in movies North Carolina Cary
20 years no way!!!  

I recently moved to Cary, NC with my husband Alex and two girls Sofia (7) and Marissa (5).  I have been at home with my girls for the past 7 years.  Before that I worked as a Marketing Communications Manager for some computer video game companies (tons of fun!!) and then switched to high tech.

We have been fortunate to travel as Alex's family is from Portugal and my parents are in Florida.  It makes every visit a vacation!
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Alicia contardo (Detarando)
Teacher Married 2
I cannot believe 20 years have past!! I have been married for 14 years and have two children.  Marisa -10 and Anthony -8. I just returned to teaching this year after an 8 year vacation with the kids.  Can't wait to see everyone and catch up. Send Alicia a MessageSend Alicia a Message
Jennifer Rogers (Guild)
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Executive Admin Married 2 Mr. Doherty Too Many
Wendy the site looks great. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in November.
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Lee Doyle (Tighe)
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MOM Married 2 Mr. Rondina
I did lots of summer theater during college and moved south directly after graduation (NC for 1 year and FL for 6). I was a ballroom dance teacher and competitor with my now husband, Jason. We then shifted into a second career, school teachers. 
Now I'm well into my third and most important job: full-time Mom! We have two incredibly smart and talented boys, Henry (7) and Sawyer (3), and we live in Connecticut.
It's been fun reading everyone's "bios"! Wendy, you're doing a fabulous job!!
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Andrew Rega
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Business Owner Married 3 Mrs. Nordingrin (sp?) Swirley I got freshmen year 99 red balloons

Living and working in Chelmsford, very fun. My oldest is at McCarthy (thank god Steve Murray isn't still the Vice Principal there) is fun. Thanks for putting it together Wendy!

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Julie Peters (Tschumperlin)
Stay at home mother Married 1 Mrs. Silva, Mrs. Nordengren MA

I am really enjoying being a stay-at-home mom with my 1 1/2 year old daughter.  Prior to that, I was working as a project manager for a software company.

Wendy - Great job with this site and all the planning!!

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Angela Loya (McMaster)
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PT Financial Paraplanner - FT Mom! Married 3 1988 Tough one... Mr. Leite, Mr. Hanson, Durk, Mr. Hazzard the seem to all blur together Can't pass up singing to anything by Boston, Billy Joel, "Come on Eileen", Men at Work (have to admit that!)

Finally bought my tickets!!  Todd Baker - If you see this I expect to see you there! 
Can't wait to see everyone.   TO all the others that can't make it -- you'll be missed but this site will be great to keep in touch.

Excellent work Wendy & team!

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Alan Curry
Manager QA Married 2 Mr. Pasquale
Wow, it has been 20 years?

After CHS, I went to Penn State, lived in NJ then NC then back to MA in 1997 and haven't left.  I am at a start-up software company.  I married Laura in 2000 and we have identical twin boys, Jacob and Noah, they are 6 1/2 - and very busy!.  Time flies!  Will be fun to see eveyrone this Thanksgiving!
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