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Jennifer Young (Bianco)
Executive Assistant Married 2 Mr. Pasquale SOA, hanging with friends, swim team too many to list MA Chelmsford
This is a great website.  It is so fun to see what everyone is doing now.  I live in Chelmsford with my husband, Pat and 2 children Brandon (9) and Stephanie (6).  I can't wait unitl the reunion especially since I missed the last one. Send Jennifer a MessageSend Jennifer a Message
Chris (Marty) Oliver
Snr Financial Analyst - Cognos, an IBM company Married 2 Mrs. Silva Planting Pete Ladd baseball cards in Mr. Hazzards classroom with Cheeks. Definitely not "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" Currently stable.

Live in N.Chelmsford with wife Christine (Hutchins - Class of '91) and two boys (Liam, 5 and Jesse ("Big Papi"), 3).  Expecting our third child (TBD) this summer!  Enjoy spending precious time with the family.  It's all been a blur (but in a good way) to this point.

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Dave Cosgrove
Profile picture
Software Architect Married 1 Mr. Parkhurst Sarah, Skateboarding with Bob and Karlos long before the X-Games took it mainstream Mirror in the Bathroom - English Beat
I've been enjoying a peaceful life here in Portsmouth, NH for the last ~7 years with my wife Cathy and daughter Sophie Rose.

Once in a while, I'll break out one of my several skateboards to make a complete @ss out of myself.  My somewhat legitimate skate career ended a few years ago with a team of paramedics in a 13' deep concrete pool.

When I'm not at work, I love to spend time with my girls.  If I'm not with them, I'm either at yoga class or on the links (golf is an extreme sport, right?).

I've spent some time tonight reading all of the great postings, but my favorite Zen moment was when I saw B. Therriault's typing award... that put it all into perspective for me ;-)
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Maura Devaney
Educator Single Mrs. Nordengren the days of the "Freedom Pass" Everything U2 and Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks Massachusetts Lowell

Hello everyone!  Oh my goodness,..20 years!  I have not strayed too far.  I have been working in the Chelmsford Public School System since '95..teaching/coaching and now a bit of administration.    I enjoyed reading your "favorite teacher" entries.  Many of them are still making an impact on our kids at CHS.  I feel priveledged to touch base with such great educators as Mrs. Nordengren, Mr. Pasquale and Mrs. Queenan everyday as they say hello as they pass by my office.  Thanks to all who have set this site up!  Be well!

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James Conrad
Printing/Graphics Married 2 Believe it or not, I had a few favorites, Mrs. Donovan, Mrs. Hallal, and MR.POLLARD!!!! Hanging out with The Crew! JA, JG, DJ, MK, GL, PH, TG, MA, MT and OM!! Either Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crew or 99 Luft Balloons
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construction lending Committed Relationship
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Jen Weeks (Adams)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Account Executive Married Anything alternative rockish Maine

Although I technically graduated from Concord-Carlisle High School, I spent my preschool through tenth grade years in Chelmsford and remember a lot of people whose names I see on the website.  Hope that everyone is doing well!

After college in NY, I lived in the Boston area for many years and loved it.  Now, I live in Maine with my great husband, Jayson, who I've been with since 1999.  I have been working selling radio advertising for almost seven years in the Bangor, Maine, area for a few stations owned by author Stephen King and his wife, Tabitha.  My husband is a special education teacher.

I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone.  Again, hope all is well...

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Danielle LaCroix (Meserve)
Profile picture
Profile picture
School Counselor Married 3 1988 Mr. Pasquale hanging around in the gym, skipping out for lunch Livin' on a Prayer NH Hopkinton
I'm living in New Hampshire with my husband of 13 years, Dan, and our three children: Nick (10), Timmy (9), and Katelyn (6). I have just returned to work part-time after 10 wonderful years at home with them. I'm still playing sports of all kinds and am having a lot of fun watching and coaching the kids. My husband is a teacher / A.D. so we do a lot of traveling in the summers. Enjoy the reunion everyone. Not sure I'll make it. It's been fun looking at the website. Send Danielle a MessageSend Danielle a Message
michael kneeland
business owner/ master plumber Married 1 any who put up with me hanging out with my friends any ozzy MA Plymouth
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Brian Boisvert
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IT Consultant Married 2 1988 CA Redondo Beach

I moved to Southern California 11 years ago and have been working as an IT consultant, primarily for different studios and networks.  I've lived in a few different places out here but always near the beach (especially since taking up surfing shortly after moving west).

There's a number of Chelmsford people in the area that I keep in close contact with including Sean Feeney ('88), Chris Cocchiaro ('88),  and Rick Ford ('87).  I actually met my wife at a party hosted by Jen Uberti ('90), with Kathleen Hehir ('87) playing matchmaker.

My wife Dawn and I have been married for almost 6 years now.  We have two children -- daughter Avery (3 years) and son Colin (18 months).  We're not sure if we'll make it back for the reunion but would like to.

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