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Sonal Shah
Program Coordinator-Early Childhood Professional Married 2 1988 Mr. Doherty and Mr. Donovan The wonderful friends I made too many--Phil Collins, U2.... Ma Andover
I am so glad I got this website from! Can't believe its been 20 years since graduation! Just realized that while we hosted reunion weekend from work for Phillips Academy alumnis and lots of them were from Class of '88! 20 years! WOW!! Send Sonal a MessageSend Sonal a Message
Andrea Russell
Architect Single 1988 New York New York City
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Greg Costantino
Financial Planner Married 1988 MA Charlestown
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william amundson
Firefighter/EMT Committed Relationship 1988 J.J. Durkin,Barry Hazzard driving around in scott fuller's 76 caddy shooting fireworks out of the car!! And running cross country watching and laughing as mike bean ate my dust! anything U2 or rush Ma. Tyngsboro

they say, sometimes life throws you a wrench, sometimes life throws hammers and anvils!  where has 20 years gone?  hope to see all.

nice job wendy!!!
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Kelly Fletcher (Pitts)
Mom Married 3 Mr. Carpenter Anything with the girls Everything Madonna
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Todd Downing
Profile picture
Engineer Married 2 1988 Dubin/Fletcher jump

Married 14 years to my High School Sweet Heart Jaime. We reside in Nashu with our 2 Kids Emily (11) and Derek (8). Both kids are active in baseball, softball and karate. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion....can't believe 20 years have passed. 

.....Wendy nice job on the website

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Laura Garabedian (Tusa)
Center Director-Knowledge Beginnings, Billerica MA Married 2 1988 Whittier House Dean Conrad,,.he had so much patience and was always smiling!!! way too many to even put here. most hairbands...could not wait to buy the Monster Ballads CD when it came out!!!!!
I have been married to my husband Mike for 8 years and we have two sons, Michael Jr. (age 6) and Nicholas (age 3).  We live in Dracut and I work in Billerica where I am the director of a large preschool and private kindregarten program.  Very excited to see everyone...still can't believe it has been 20 years!  Send Laura a MessageSend Laura a Message
Diane Olney (Cadogan)
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Divorced 3 1988 Mr. Winn Westford
Recently moved back to MA with my three wonderful children Courtney (9), Patrick (7), and Thomas (3). The kids enjoy living near my home town and family. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Send Diane a MessageSend Diane a Message
Jason Gerrish
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Business Owner Married 1988 Barry Hazard All the great people in our class Anything from Kansas Massachusetts Dunstable
Hey folks!  It's great to see all your information and pictures...especially all the beautiful children.  I'm proud to have been part of it all.  I married Amy Dudek (Class of 87) and we've been together for 22 years (married for 14) and live in Dunstable, MA with daughter Alexandra (8) and son Jack (4).  After working as the Director of Database Technologies at for many years, I now am at  I started my own company (G Force Data - and am growing that on the side (in my "spare" time)...the future is promising. If you're on FaceBook, please send me a friend request! Send Jason a MessageSend Jason a Message
Dorothy Vigeant
Credit Manager Committed Relationship 2 1988 Mr Doherty My favorite memories from that time were not actually at school. Too many to choose. New Hampshire Weare
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