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In Memoriam Classmates
What happened to Michael Honour, Michael Bettencourt, William Parenteau and Matthew Hall. I had heard about Michael Honour a few years back, but never heard what actually happened, and the others...
Last Post: Nov 29th 2008
Author: Noelbear2
# of posts: 2
Harrington Principal
Does anyone else remember the principal at Harrington School back "in our time" -- does anyone else remember her office or her "wardrobe".... gives me a chuckle...
Last Post: May 29th 2008
Author: pariswk
# of posts: 10
Yearbook questions...
Does anyone know who published our yearbook and how to get ahold of that company?
Last Post: May 19th 2008
Author: pariswk
# of posts: 3
Eddie Mullet...
Was he a member of our class -- I don't see him in our yearbook....
Last Post: Apr 16th 2008
Author: pariswk
# of posts: 3