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North School burning down
I was just talking to some of my old friends about this - here's a copy of the email I sent them:

Yep, North burned down. We were in 5th grade. I'm pretty sure it was February. ...
Last Post: Jan 27th 2009
Author: karenman
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The Blizzard of '78
Remember how cool all that snow was?

Now that we have to drive in it, I hate the snow.
Last Post: Dec 10th 2008
Author: Paradox
# of posts: 5
That was then, this is Now
So, poking around this website brought up a lot of thoughts.

That was then:
Back in 1984, everyone was saying "Big Brother is watching you!" (Based on 1984 by George...
Last Post: Sep 25th 2008
Author: Paradox
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If you were stranded on a dessert island with only room for 3 more songs on your ipod - what songs from the 80s would you pick?
Last Post: Aug 21st 2008
Author: pariswk
# of posts: 12
What are some of your favorite movies from the '80s?

Here are some of mine: "Sixteen Candles," "The Breakfast Club," "Just One of the Guys," "The Secret of My Success," "Girls Just Want...
Last Post: Aug 21st 2008
Author: jillhw
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Favorite Teachers - More room to discuss
Post here about your favorite teachers and faculty memories -- beware-- they may be lurking-- and may even post back...
Last Post: Apr 15th 2008
Author: pariswk
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