November 30, 2013
6 years, 2 months and 24 days since
our Reunion.

Chelmsford High School
 Class of 1988

25 years have passed since we left the halls of Chelmsford High School!  This website, run by our class (not a random company), will allow more class of '88 members to access information about upcoming events and make it easy to keep in contact with each other! 

And it's not going anywhere, we're here for awhile ........



Ends any moment!
Chad and Steve will be fixing this link soon !
Chad and Steve will be fixing this link soon !

We would LOVE to have your Reunion photos!!
Go to the PHOTO ALBUM page and upload into the Reunion album. THANKS!

We Would Love To See Your Old Photos TOO!

We have reached 48 States and 64 Countries!!!!
as of 6/2013

(someone in Wyoming and West Virginia - PLEASE check us out !!)

Mark yourself on our map!

I was born in a small town....
I was born in a small town....

 We Want More!!!
 Add Photos in our Albums
Check out pictures and add your own!  We'll add your ideas for new albums too!


We need help recruiting those who haven't signed up yet!  Check the missing 88 alum list.
or let us know if you are there and shouldn't be

Reunion Quiz
What is the most recent change on the exterior of CHS

New Auditorium Addition
Covered Stairs at the end of each house
Wooden sign is gone
No more shoveling the field...Turf baby Turf
Reunion Poll
Reunion Music?

All 80s!
Mostly 80s
Half 80s Half new
very little 80s please
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